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When you are planning your kids' rooms you will probably have to take into account space - or lack of it! Few of us have rooms that extend the width or depth of the house and, for those who do, I am sure you will come up with decorating problems, albeit different ones to decorating space saving kids rooms. First and foremost, when considering decorating a kid's room, you need to come up with an idea that is going to work for a number of years - one your child can live with as they grow up. While it is not too expensive to add a new coat of paint once in a while, replacing battered furniture too often is likely to punch a hole straight through your carefully planned finances. So, choose furniture that is sturdy and durable and which has sufficiently basic styling to fit in with new innovations over the years.

Good storage is a key to making space saving work in kids' rooms. Choose a tall dresser with lots of deep drawers, suitable to store all your children's clothes and other items - perhaps with shelves above for books to be stacked on. Shelving doesn't have to be expensive, solid wood: wire shelving works just as well, as does melamine. Melamine furniture may often get a bad press, but when it comes to kid-proof furniture, melamine does take quite a few kicks and knocks, is cheap to purchase and cheap to replace. For other storage options, try hanging baskets from the ceiling and make use of under-bed storage for out-of-season clothes or bedding.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, there are a huge range of beds for kids on the market these days. From make-believe fairy castles to bat-mobile, beds come in all shapes and sizes. For space saving kids rooms, however, how about a kid's loft bed? These are fairly easy to install and not too expensive to buy. These beds are always popular and, as with the traditional bunk beds, going up a ladder to bed has always caught a child's imagination. As long as you ensure you have adequate railing attached to the bed to ensure your child's safety during sleep, these loft beds are an excellent way to achieve space saving in kids' rooms.

Of course, whether you opt for the traditional bunk beds in a room that two children need to share, or whether you give your imagination full reign and create a bedroom from your child's wildest dreams, attempting to save as much space in your kids' rooms as possible will ensure you child has much more floor space available for imaginative play. If your child is excited about their personal environment, they will get immense enjoyment out of spending time there. You may find it a real challenge planning your space saving kids rooms but, overall, providing a room for your kids that is filled with fun should be a joyful experience that draws on your own capacity for imagination and lateral thinking.

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Space Saving Kids Rooms

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This article was published on 2010/03/27