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Naturally, the first and foremost thing you are going to have in mind when shopping for space saving high chairs is your baby's safety. Babies and young children are notorious wrigglers so, obviously, the last thing you want is for your baby to fall out of the high chair. A new high chair must come with a three-point harness that has safety straps which go around the waist and between the child's legs. Before buying, check the buckle. It needs to be efficient in keeping your child in place but it also needs to be simple enough for you to use on a regular basis. Otherwise, when you are in a hurry, you may decide it is too complicated to use each time - and, before you know it, you and your child are in Accident and Emergency!

Although not an item that is required immediately following baby's birth, once your child can sit up unaided this piece of furniture is invaluable, no matter who little space you have available. Highchairs don't need to just be brought out at mealtimes but can be used to keep your child safely occupied with a few toys on the tray when you are cooking or ironing and need to keep your child out of harm's way. There is a wide range of models on the market, from the traditional wooden or plastic ones to booster-style high chairs that can be fitted to a standard dining chair. Another kind of highchair you can buy is the kind that will hook onto your table, although as a parent myself, I have never considered them to be as versatile as one of the other kinds.

Obviously, the models that hook onto your table conform to mandatory safety regulations and display obvious space saving advantages. There are cases, however - and I can think of a few - where I wouldn't particular want any child of mine too close to the table: most of these involve pulling something towards them that I don't particularly want them to have. Free-standing highchairs are particularly stable and will stand up to no end of wriggling around by your infant. The wide base does, however, take up valuable floor space although this is countermanded by freeing up a space at the table and being able to keep your child from harm's way - especially if you have hot food and drink at the table, just ready for little fingers to pull at.

The main advantage to these floor standing high chairs is their design allows them to fold completely flat when not in use and, personally, as a person who has brought up my children living as I do in a small home, the floor-standing highchair that folds flat when not in use is the one I have always used due to its many advantages far outweighing the few disadvantages. The booster seat fits on top of a standard dining chair which, when not in use, usually slides beneath the dining table. However, using a booster seat will take up a dining chair that may need to be used for another diner. The floor-standing model takes up just as much floor space as a dining chair but, when folded flat, you can slot it away neatly along the side of one of your appliances, or alongside the ironing board and it is both out of sight and out of mind and, in my own opinion, no matter how little space you have, this highchair is far the best option.

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Space Saving High Chairs

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This article was published on 2010/03/27