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Few of us have sufficient space for all our storage needs and storing clothes is no exception. Most people tend to use hangers for skirts and trousers and other hangers for shirts, getting by cramming them into crowded closets from which they emerge wrinkled from being squeezed into too small a space. If this sounds like you then it is time you invested in some of the many closet organizers that you can now buy - space saving hangers such as the multi-purpose chrome plated metal hangers that can be used to hang multiple garments from, making use of the unused vertical space in your closets. While we would all like to see matching hangers and serried ranks of shirts, skirts and pants arranged with military precision, the unavoidable tangle of clothes crammed to bursting will inevitably reduce the aesthetics of such matching exactitude.

Naturally, if you are able to use hangers that provide hooks to hold ribbons that are sewn onto garments, this will prevent slippery garments being decanted onto the closet floor. However, if an adequate solution to cluttered closets presents itself, then there is less likelihood of garments slipping their moorings! One solution is the vertical trouser hanger which features four arms that swing outwards to enable you to keep freshly pressed trousers hanging neatly. Each arm is covered with a layer of foam rubber that prevents slippage - ideal for hanging slinky satin, or slippery silk.

While on the subject of fabrics slipping, you can also purchase a friction multi-blouse tree which, again, makes use of the unused vertical space in your closet. Basically, you can hang five shirts where, in the past, it was only possible to hang one. Again, this multi-blouse tree has foam rubber covering each arm to prevent clothes sliding off the hanger and, for ease of removing or adding the garments, each arm swivels outwards which, in itself is an excellent idea. Following the trait of maximizing hanging space, what about investing in a set or two of Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers? Using Huggable Hangers to store your clothes on has been estimated to free up as much as 50% more closet space.

Apart from each Huggable Hanger being only a third as thick as an average hanger, each hanger can accommodate several articles of clothing. According to their advertising they suggest you match up your outfits before putting your clothes away in the closet and then hang your skirt or trousers on the lower part of the Huggable Hanger and your shirt on one of the upper sections, thereby saving you time in the morning. Not only can you use your Huggable Hangers individually but, by purchasing cascading hooks and clips you can link as many as five hangers together, resulting in a cascading effect that makes use of that often underused vertical space in your closet.

Following on with the concept of Huggable Hangers, you can also buy Huggable Hangers in child sizes as well - enabling smaller clothing to fit comfortably on hangers that have been designed and manufactured especially for the little people in your household, keeping their small garments hanging up neatly and wrinkle-free until they are needed.

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Space Saving Hangers

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This article was published on 2010/03/27