Maximize a Small Reception Space

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If your reception space is a little tight, it is important to make the most of every square foot. There are some nifty tricks which will help to make a small wedding reception site feel more spacious. Learn how to maximize a small reception space to give it a roomy feeling.

Probably the most important thing you can do to add space to a tight reception venue is to select the right tables. Round dining tables are a must, as they take up less space than square or rectangular tables. Dainty chiavari chairs will feel less bulky than slipcovered seating. For a fun modern twist, select clear lucite chairs will which really cut down on the visual crowding of the space.

When space is at a premium, you must parcel it out wisely. Choose a plated dinner service over a buffet, since the buffet tables take up a lot of room (just be sure to allow a little more space between the dinner tables for the servers to walk through). If you are really trying to squeak out as much square footage as possible, opt for a d.j. over a band, since their sound system requires less room than a band does. Whenever possible, relegate the extra tables like those for the guest book and gifts to the hallway or an adjacent room.

The right decorations will also help to open up the wedding reception space. An uncluttered design scheme will go a long way towards making a venue feel less crowded and more airy. Clear simple centerpiece vessels will work better than heavy urns or ornate silver candelabras. For a great detail, fill the bottoms of the vases with sparkling crystals, which is so pretty when the bride is wearing crystal earrings. Choose unfussy flowers like tulips to maintain a more streamlined effect.

When you want a room to look light, choose light colors for your design scheme. Dark colors like brown, black, and red will tend to close up the space, whereas pink, ivory, champagne, and light blue create an open environment. Another tip is to keep the tables fairly uncluttered and to move a lot of the decorations to the ceiling. If you have high ceilings, hang fabulous crystal chandeliers (perfect for a formal wedding or one where the bride plans to crystal earrings and a crystal necklace). Another option for suspended decorations is to hang paper lanterns around the room. When you have so much visual interest on the ceilings, you can keep the table decorations to a minimum while still having plenty of pretty details in the room.

There are many additional creative ways to make the most of a tight reception space. Illuminate the walls with a pretty light color wash like pale pink to add more brightness to the room. Create a fun hanging display for the escort cards in the hallway leading into the dinner room rather than setting up a table inside the room. If need be, the head table can even be placed over the dance floor for dinner and be discreetly whisked away before the dancing begins (people do not sit in their assigned seats once the meal ends anyway and there will always be a place where a weary bridesmaid can sit between songs). With careful planning, a small reception space can be made to feel very comfortable and spacious.

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Maximize a Small Reception Space

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This article was published on 2010/10/15
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