How to Get My Boyfriend Back If He Wants More Space

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Almost everyone in the middle of a perfect relationship has been stunned when suddenly the relationship is smashed because your boyfriend wants more space. There could be any number of reasons why your boyfriend may want more space. Some of them include a fear of commitment, family troubles, and financial problems. I am going to give you five tips to answer the perennial question how to get my boyfriend back if he suddenly says he needs more space.

1. You are still in love with him, he knows this, so you will need to keep some distance from him for a while. Play hard to get, skip answering some of his phone calls. When you do answer keep the call short, tell him you have to go your busy. Then be busy, meet a friend. This will make him feel he may be the one that is missing out, not you.

2. Do you get any sense that your ex still has feelings for you? If so then you know that it is great to keep the lines of communication open. Not with long drawn out discussions, but as mentioned above, short calls, an occasional text, and a quick message online. All of these will keep him involved in your life without making him feel smothered while he may still need his space.

3. He is eventually going to start showing is interest in you. Now is your opportunity to really begin to have some longer talks about your past. Keep those talks light hearted and filled with memories of all the great times that the two of you have shared. Skip the negatives for now, you do not want to remind him of some of the reasons that he may have left to start with.

4. If your ex seems to still be slow in responding to your moves, he may still need some space or maybe he is just not interested in you right now. However if he seems to be much more interested than just a little while ago, you can now begin to move things along a little faster pace and perhaps start to rebuild your relationship.

5. If your ex seems to be ready, now is the time to start opening up and talking more about how you are feeling, how he is feeling. If you try this continue keeping things on the light side. You do not want to seem desperate or needy. Everyone wants to be needed but not to the point that they feel they are getting lost in all the neediness. If your ex starts talking about rebuilding your relationship then now is a great time for the two of you to open up about your feelings, if he seems to be withdrawing you really want to hold the line for a while longer and let him have his space.

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How to Get My Boyfriend Back If He Wants More Space

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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