Guinea Pigs Cages - Selecting a Guinea Pig Cage For Your Pet

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Selecting guinea pigs cages often depends on creativity and resourcefulness. Being their place for rest and for other activities, their cages are are definitely something you need to spend time building or planning for if you are purchasing one. Guinea pigs are very energetic, so they will need enough space to run around in every now and then. If you are planning to make their house, you will have to prepare a large space.

Providing very little space for guinea pigs cages can actually cause them to have stiff joints or arthritis and they will also be overweight because of limited movement. They are also prone to problems with their behavior like too much squeaking to get attention and food as a result of boredom. They will also develop 'barbering' or excessive chewing on anything they get their teeth into.

Now, lets look at where to place your guinea pigs cages. It is helpful to know that indoors is the best place to locate them. Their cages are also safe if they are sheltered from the elements and placed where there are no other big animals which may harm them.

If you follow these placement guidelines, you can be sure that they are secured and away from illnesses and from disturbing weather conditions such as excessive heat or cold.

Today, many owners let their guinea pigs out onto their lawns usually with or inside their guinea pigs cages as the owners are watching over them. In this way, cavies get to feel and see another cool environment and enjoy the breeze. However, once the owner plans to go back inside the house, he or she must not forget to bring the pet along. Guinea pigs should not be left outside unsupervised unless you are sure the temperature is ok and the guinea pig is very safe from predators.

If you forget to take your pet back inside with you, and it is not secure or the weather is unstable it will not survive the unfriendly environment out there. It can die from heatstroke, respiratory illnesses, and from being eaten by cats, snakes, dogs, and birds.

As the owner of one of these lovely creatures, you have the responsibility to take good care of your pet and to educate yourself with the correct knowledge. Use it wisely!

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Guinea Pigs Cages - Selecting a Guinea Pig Cage For Your Pet

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This article was published on 2010/04/01