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If you don't like rats, termites, molds, decomposition odors, spiders and cob webs, and other creepy crawlers; ever wondered what crawl spaces are for?

Crawl spaces don't have the height of the regular basement.  It is difficult to stand up in such space hence the name crawl space.  It lifts the house off the ground making it lesser prone to termites and dampness.  This small space creates an insulating air between the ground and living space.  Crawl spaces are much inexpensive compared to regular basements.  They also make plumbing works easy because these can run there instead of running them through the walls which means it is easier to access.

Now although crawl spaces are lesser prone to mold that does not mean that it is not susceptible.  It is still very important to consult basement tanking and waterproofing companies that can provide waterproofing guarantee and insulate your crawl space in case of floods and weathers that can increase moisture build up.  Services like waterproof coatings and waterproofing systems in UK are not hard to find.  It is advisable to ask for professional assistance when dealing with these things.  If you are a skilled handy man or perhaps have had waterproofing seminars, then you can do it yourself. Remember that dampness can cause mold and fungi growth which are I believe, a few of the last things we want in our homes.  Moisture that is accumulated over time in crawl spaces can move upward too affecting floorboards and walls that may lead to health and safety issues.  And yes, these issues should never be compromised.

It is also important to keep your crawl spaces clean and maintained.  Most of the time home owners overlook the maintenance of crawl spaces resulting to late awareness of dirt and possible mold build up.  Keep it a habit to tidy it up every now and then.

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Crawl Space

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This article was published on 2010/12/29