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Increase Your Space for Storing - Use The Space Bag

Are the boxes and bins that you use for storage enough, or could you do with something more? Now, you can raise your space for storing by 3 to 4 times by trying the Space Bag. They are intensely convenient and roomy storage spaces, which can contain a big number of household goods. Space Bags are indeed excellent for rooms that might become cramped for space.

Expanded closet space is always required and this is where the Space Bag comes in extremely handy. These specially-designed storage bags can store around 4 times the capacity of other standard storage spaces. They've a vacuum-seal system, and are OK for all sorts of storage needs.

A Spacey Bag is completely waterproof, thus preventing your belongings from being damaged by water. The bags are sturdy, and can be re-used many times. They are 12 inches long, 4.5 inches broad and eleven inches high, and weigh 3.5 pounds. The vacuum-seals are color-coded and are absolutely airtight as well.

In most cases, users find it handy to store away bulky items in these bags. The items that can be handily stored include sweaters, pillows, comforters and jackets. Other heavy items, including seasonal garments, may also be kept in these bags. A Spacey Bag would not only be ready to store them more simply than ordinary bins, but they would also make sure that they are maintained properly.

The Space Bag storage areas are available as either a seven-bag starter set or as the premium package. These bags have pocket areas and linen closets, where your heavy items can be neatly arranged and stored away. The entire Space Bag set comprises bags of different sizes, namely, jumbo cubes, additional big, big and medium-sized bags. The first two sizes are however, available only in the Premium package. Thus, such a bag is indeed the solution to all the storage issues a household might have.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the Spacey Bag. This is what one of its users had to assert : "I'm excited that I got these bags, and they work exactly as they are supposed to. I have so much seasonal clothing, and I can now store now store it easily, without it taking too much space. It's great and fully works. All my blankets, woolies are all stored correctly without taking lots of space. However, you do definitely need a vacuum, with those hose attachments."

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This article was published on 2010/04/02